This is Shrimpy, a chestnut colt who was so thin and emaciated when the charity found him that we had to physically carry him on a tarpaulin into a trailer to remove him.

It was two weeks before he was actually able to stand up. He was nursed around the clock.

The owner was taken to court and received a 10 year ban on keeping horses. Along with Shrimpy, we also took the other 7 ponies that were his companions.

Shrimpy rescued by Help for Horses UK charity
Shrimpy rescued by Help for Horses UK charity

A new home

In time and after considerable help and attention from the charity, Shrimpy was rehomed and now lives in Bulcote with his new carer where he remains healthy and happy.

Shrimpy happily rehomed by Help for Horses UK

Thank you for your support.

As a not for profit charity, we rely enormously on the generosity of horse and pony lovers to provide financial backing for the work that we do. None of our volunteers take a wage from the charity and so every penny that we receive goes into our operation to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, sick and injured horses and into providing educational support for horse and pony owners.


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