Cold, wet, in pain and alone…

This is sadly the situation in which our volunteers find all too many of the unfortunate horses and ponies that we are called out to.

We attend some of the most neglected and vulnerable horses across Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas. Many of those reported to us as possible welfare cases are suffering from starvation, mistreatment, injury or disease. They can also be very frightened and scared of human contact due to owner neglect or hurtful previous experiences.

Sometimes we can work alongside the owners, providing guidance and advice about how to better care for their horses, or the owners agree to sign them over to us and into the care of our charity; but unfortunately, this isn’t always possible.

In serious cases, where perhaps an owner is uncooperative, we work with other agencies to pursue a prosecution. In other situations, the horse or pony may simply have been abandoned and the owner untraceable, or in the worst cases, inhumanely ‘dumped’ and left to die.

Little Shrimpy rescued by Help for Horses UK charity
Turnip at Help for Horses UK charity

Warning - this video contains images that some may find distressing.

We realise this may shock you…

However, with your support, we can help.

Our volunteers are a highly experienced team, with the knowledge and expertise to handle each situation to get the best possible outcome for the horse. Find out more about our charity’s work here:

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