Happy horse, happy us…

After many months of compassionate care and retraining, it eventually becomes time for our rescued horses and ponies to be placed in a loving new home and have the fresh start that they deserve. The welfare of our horses and ponies is our number one consideration and consequently, Help for Horses UK always retains legal ownership of every equine in order to permanently guarantee its long-term welfare.

Our animals are carefully matched to their new carer, to ensure compatibility and overall suitability and we always offer our carers full support, helping them make the most out of looking after their rescued horse or pony. Every successful applicant is required to accept Help for Horses UK’s Rehoming Terms and Conditions and sign a legal agreement.

Ideally, we look for long-term forever homes, however, we understand sometimes that situations change, for example, due to personal circumstance, or riders outgrowing their pony. In these cases, through regular contact, we will work with the carer to make suitable arrangements for return and rehoming.

As a general rule, we look for homes where the horse can be placed in the company of another horse, pony or donkey, where they will feel the happiest and most comfortable.

Bubble at play
Boggle and his friends
Bertie winning a rosette
Shrimpy in his new home
Poppy having fun
Beautiful Little B
The delightful Alice

Our horses and ponies available for rehoming

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