Building trust, step by step…

Once a horse has been taken into our care, we can begin nursing it back to full health. In a lot of cases, we may not know the horse or pony’s background or riding history and so we must build their trust in small steps.

Every horse is given the specialist care and attention that it needs. Those found to be underweight are assessed to see if their condition is solely as a result of owner neglect or caused by an underlying medical concern. Some may have overgrown hooves causing muscular, limb and joint issues which will require treatment from our vets, farriers and physiotherapists. Others are scared and need human kindness and the company of other horses and ponies in order to build their confidence and trust before moving on to retraining.

Most horses and ponies will need rehabilitation of some form and may take many months to fully recover before we can find them a suitable forever home in which to enjoy the rest of their lives.

A pony is given their worm egg count and tapeworm test at Help for Horses UK
Foal being weighed at HFH UK charity
Farrier trimming overgrown feet at Help for Horses UK
Squeak and Sprout enjoying some horse carrots
Bubble enjoying some rest and relaxation
Squeak learning to be handled and taught to lead

It can be a long road to recovery…

But with your support we can help.

Our volunteers are a highly experienced team, with the knowledge and expertise to handle each situation to get the best possible outcome for the horse. Find out more about our charity’s work here:


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