Turnip loses his brave fight.

It is with heavy hearts that we have to tell you that Turnip has passed away.

Warning - images that some may find distressing.

Turnip has tried so hard for four days and we thought he was making progress at the weekend as he was eating and drinking for himself and, once helped up, could stand unassisted. But unfortunately it was all too much for him and we will never know how long he’d been lying helpless in that field before he was found.

We want something positive to come from his battle. Please watch our video and sign our petition to the government calling for enforced licensing on the breeding of horses, and a passport and microchip database system that is fit for purpose.

Follow this link to sign. http://chng.it/CfPkPtrx9d It only takes a minute.

Don’t let poor Turnip die in vain.

Thank you.