It all started when…

…a large group of horses were involved in a cruelty case.

A group of local veterinarians, yard-owners, farriers and dentists came together to provide them with the care and housing they needed. It became apparent that there was a need for such a service in the Nottinghamshire area, so the volunteers decided to found a charity.

Shrimpy rescued by Help for Horses UK charity

Our charity

Help for Horses UK was founded and registered in 2015. We are a self-funding, non-profit charity, providing stabling, care and rehabilitation for sick, injured and abandoned horses in Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas. Our aim is to work with horse owners to provide both support and education to improve the welfare of the horses in their care.

Fudge and her mum at Help for Horses UK
Squeak with Help for Horses UK.
Bubble enjoying a run around in the sunshine at Help for Horses UK
Squeak enjoying some love and attention at Help for Horses UK
Noble and his new owner at Help for Horses UK charity
Help for Horses UK
Help for Horses UK charity
Fudge the foal at Help for Horses UK charity

The team

Our charity is run by a Management Committee of local people with a love of horses, who bring with them a wide range of valuable skills, equine experience and knowledge, totalling no less than 308 years. With shared common values and above all, a passionate commitment to horse welfare, none of the team takes a wage from the charity (or ever will!)

As local yard owners, veterinarians and British Horse Society instructors; we provide care and rehabilitation for sick and traumatised rescued horses, through membership of the management committee and, most importantly, by hands-on activity. With strong local connections, we work closely with the RSPCA, Newark & Sherwood District Council, Police and Nottinghamshire Police Horse Watch and also have three local farriers providing their services free of charge.


Become involved…

Thanks for being concerned about the welfare of horses. As you can imagine, to make the charity a success our work requires enthusiastic people, skills, time and resources across not just the equine world but also into industry as well. We are always interested in talking to people who would like to volunteer with us, perform fund-raising activities on our behalf, have skills that they would like to make available to us or even help promote our work through being one of our partner organisations.

We are all volunteers and if you want to see how you could help then please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.



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