Providing help, protection and care for horses.


Help for Horses UK is a local non-profit charity, set up to provide stabling, care and rehabilitation for sick, injured and abandoned horses in Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas. Our aim is to work with horse owners to provide both support and education to improve the welfare of the horses in their care.




For sick, injured & abandoned horses

We attend some of the most neglected and vulnerable horses across Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas. Many of those reported to us as possible welfare cases are suffering from starvation, mistreatment, injury or disease.


Carefully tailored to each horse’s needs

Once a horse has been taken into our care, we can begin nursing it back to full health. In a lot of cases, we may not know the horse or pony’s background or riding history and so we must build their trust in small steps.



finding their perfect forever home

After many months of compassionate care and retraining, it eventually becomes time for our rescued horses and ponies to be placed in a loving new home and have the fresh start that they deserve.


Helping improve the welfare of horses

By continually developing our own expertise, we can share knowledge and information, helping improve horse welfare in the area. We also work closely with local organisations and experts to promote the proper care of equines.


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